Friday, 23 April 2010

Happy St. George's Day to everyone!!!

My friend Clark John Fenney wrote this beautiful epic poem for me, and I feel very honoured reading this poem, and gladly sharing it to everyone!!!!

St. George and the Dragon (For Edileide Brito)

This is my St Georges day,
And on it i will write a lay,
About fair Damosel Edileide
And the events that will be played.

Hailing from the island of Hy-Brasil
She is travelling still
But will dwelleth for a time in Albion
Where the mighty St George haileth from.

So it was on that day of rain and sun
The adventure had begun
And tears of rainfall are in her eyes
Caused by events strange and wild

He came from the North to slake his fill
To where the Southern dwellers dwell
Up upon a lonely crag
With elemental vision spied a hag

But she was not for him
Maiden food was only good for him
He took his flight into the night
And came upon a tower high and built with might

But there was no castle in sight
No protector to fight the fight
His prey was spotted, her fair hair
He would take her there.

If he be bold he could take her now
But he was cunning so he’d wait somehow
The spring night was a little bright
But guards let down at the coming of night

So he flew into the sky
Flying ever high and high
Swooping down out of the evening
His appetite was keening

She saw him coming not a jot
Brushing her hair atop the tower of Escalot
He stifled his raw that sneaky cad
Lest he make the Southern dwellers mad

But when he snatched her he let out a roar
Breathed fire from his lungs, it poured
Out into the errant night
And so he took again to flight

His cave was cold and dank and dark
There was no sign of a friendly skylark
Piles of treasure lay arounder
Sacrificed to this abhorred bounder

Edil felt the shock and awe
Of this invasive carnivore
But she bit her lip
Resolve set on, to hell with it!

For she knew he’d not yet taste flesh
This would be a harsh test
His desire for jewels and gold
Mere hunger overrode

Word got out of the kidnapping
While the Southerners were a napping
Two and two was put together
The clues were there – a flying creature without feathers

Who had been spotted far and near
He had been to here
And what were these inhabitants to do?
They had not a clue

But good fortune would find a way
For Holy St George was passing that way
A dragon slayer born and true
He would provide the egress, the wherewithal to

He resolved to track the wyrmling down
Divest him of maiden, treasure and stolen crowns
Defeat the dragon and rescue Edil,
He’d play the hand that fate would deal

The spoor of sin was everywhere
He found a lock of Edilaide’s hair
A discarded bracelet, a ring or two
But no shed blood – phew!

His stratagem was in his mind
He’d draw the creature outside
It did suit his fighting style
Room to manoeuvre, outsmart and get behind

Boldly approaching the wyrm’s foul lair,
In order to rescue the lady fair
He banged sword on shield and cried ‘Come hither’
And after a while the dragon did slither

Both opponents sized up the other
And Faustus the dragon thought he could smother
With flames this impudent mortal, first strike
But deftly aside parrying with shield George evaded as he might

Faustus did bellow
At this impudent fellow
Moved closer and lashed out with tail
But swiftly George dodged aside, and again the dragon did fail

He cried out in pain – a sword had bit deep
And Faustus retaliated with sharp pointy teeth
George had been blooded, was also in pain
But his mind was clear, in battle he’d been trained

Now both had suffered
They circled each other
Wary but not in retreat
Still both on their feet

But Faustus took to the air
To gain advantage of height there
And George did let fly his spear
It flew upwards seeking weak spot now clear

Dragon wounded again and weakened once more
He let fly with hot steam with a mighty roar
And this attack did find its mark
Filled lungs with poison but did not strike the heart

Sensing weakness now, Faustus knew somehow
His moment had come for the kill now
He swooped down to still choking George
And struck out with his gnarly claws

He sensed no ruse, no canny trick
George had recovered resilient as stone or brick
He plucked up his weapon
Said a prayer to Heaven

And struck the spot the spear had pierced before
And the dragon gave an almighty pained roar
St George had made his score
And the Demonborne Faustus would cry no more

But dragons are dragons and and danger when dead
Out of the wounds inflicted did the acid ichor bleed
The spray was wide and flowing fast
Could not be avoided a hopeless task

George cried out as it burned skin to a crisp
Eating through armour and melting it to a whisp
Brave George fell. Passed out through malady
But hope was here, here came the lady

Amongst the caves treasure was a healing balm
It worked its magic and made a cooling body warm
Bringing life back into him
St George would live again!

Here endeth this tale – a short summary
Edilaide returned home and in good company
St George his task accomplished here
Left to wander a land and cleanse more fear

And what of the lady from Hy-Brasil?
She recovered from her ordeal and is dwelling here still
Brushing her hair in the moonlight
Before retiring to sleep sweet dreams at night

Now no more rainfall in her eyes
She feared not threat from sky
And with calm repose did think of him
Thoughts of adventure and this godly man

A Hero who came and saved both soul and skin
Now left a-travelling
But in times of need she could call on him
- And the Hero would come again!

Clark John Fenney Friday, 23 April 2010, St George's Day Albion

Sunday, 4 April 2010