Thursday, 26 June 2008


According to Gildas Vortipor "tyrant of the Demetae" (Dyfed), it presents a suggestion about Arthur of Dyfed as Vortipor, if Artuir of Dyfed was the son of Pedr, a direct descendant of Vortipor, the Irish version "Gartbuir" brings similarities with the warlord suggested in Y Gododdin "Gwarddur" being compared to Arthur, searching for some similarities to Vortipor (Protector), some genealogies establishes a pedigree for Coel (coincidently a theory which King Arthur is a Coel's descendent, just suggestion), identifying a descendent from Caswallon. Some genealogies identify his father as Guotepauc or Godebog, what in Brythonic language means "Protector"; "defender". Could be Guotepauc as Vortipor? About Vortigern, he had three sons: the eldest was Vortimer (Gwerthefyr) known as St. Madrun, the second was Categirn or Brydw (Brittu), Categirn is another epithet meaning "war lord", "battle king", the third was Pascent who reigned in the two provinces Builth and Guorthegirnaim, after the death of his father. The fourth was Faustus born of an incestuous marriage with his suppose daugher or probably "step daughter", who was brough up and educated by St. Germanus