Wednesday, 26 November 2008

In the Midst of Legend

"My friend Edileide Brito asked me to write a poem for her and so as she studies Arthurian legends I decided to put the legend into verse". ~~Ian Grigor' speaks~~

In the midst of legend
by Ian Grigor

'I must have her, Merlin....she must be mine!' demanded King

But Gorlois would never permit it, would lead to war...

'That does not concern me, Wizard...i would give all...

'all could be a costly price, sure...

'I have never been more so...Igraine must be mine this night!

'You would risk war with Gorlois over Envy...for a night of lust?

'Envy...lust...what are these words,Merlin? I want her!

'If i give you your desire,Uther, then agree to my terms you must!

'Anything, Merlin...give me Igraine and i will pay any cost...

open a safe path to her chambers and you will have all you ask!

'In the count of nine moons a child will be born to you...

I demand possession of this infant...can you handle such a task?

'You task me with words, Merlin...end this haste of mine...

clouds your vision, Uther...will you give what i ask of you?

'I swear it, Warlock...this oath you lay before me shall be upheld!

'then this night Igraine shall be yours...the Dragons breath will carry you...

'Look there...' cried the vassel 'they leave...they flee...

have won...Uther has turned tail and run...the feud is over...

'Gorlois closed his eyes and sighed ' would appear so...

i will not let him hide..after sunset we follow...with night as cover..'

'But Igraine!, who will protect her in your absence?''

I will find Igraine safe on my return...she will come to no harm...

Uthers desire for her will be his undoing...i will see to it!...

the walls of Tintagel will defend quiet your alarm!'


Uther, removal of your men has had the desired effect...

we have drawn Gorlois out...he seeks to end this folly.

'Then work your Magic, Merlin..quickly...i command it!

'rash actions result in mistakes, you desire Melancholy?

'I desire know this...yet still you mock me!

'mock you...i? your own impatience mock you...

bend to the wind and so too must your conceit...

you have to give as well as take, Uther lest your rue be untrue...

'...lest my rule be untrue?..i am King, Merlin...your King!

'Merlin sighed...i come and i go as i see fit..i do so to my delight..

if i do your bidding it is by choice...

i serve no King, he by Blood or right.

Uther was silenced briefly '..then must i beg you to work your Magic?

your eyes and sleep the image of your desire'..

it become reality...a truth..or remain a dream?

'Hold tight your wish...your lust must burn as Dragonfire.

Merlin waved slumber before Uthers eyes then turned to face Tintagel

with his arms open wide he began to repeat the Magical rhyme

Anul nathrakh, urth vas bethud, dolchjel djenvedream the Dragon...

ride the serpents recovery will take time


Uther woke with a scream '..Merlin! i swear i saw Dragons!'

oh yes, Uther...i have awoken him...lokk about you see?

I see only mist..' answered the confused King

it is the Dragons breath..i have broken his chains..oh, i have set him free

'But what of do i reach her from here?

'Trust the Dragon, Uther and this night you will lay by her

side'What do i do about the ravine, Merlin..unlike birds i do not fly'
Merlin pointed to Tintagel..ride your horse, Uther..lust will be your guide

Uther pulled himself onto horseback and looked hesitantly at Merlin

'will i gain entry to Tintagel..will i be excepted by the Duchess?'

ride the Dragons breath, Uther...throw aside your anxieties...

will take on the semblance of Gorlois..upon you this i impress!

Merlin stepped aside as Uther rode toward and off the ravines edge

as the Dragons breath curled round him he took on the Dukes

is it, Uther..change..yes, become Gorlois..Igraines denyal will lay at slumber

sighing and bereft of alibi the Wizard was sure his spell had been wise


Gorlois looked from the valley encampment to his first in command

'What kind og King fells he will be safe in a Bivouac?

''An arrogant King, who feels he can take on a whim

''Let us then return the sentiment..this refuge of his we shall sack'

Charging into the encampment Gorlois and his men slashed and stabbed

'Uther! Coward King! Come, stand and fight me! Prove yourself a man!

'A hand stayed the bow from loosing its arrow 'Wait, let him first shadow the


..the King will be with Igraine now...Gorlois must not escape..follow the Kings plan!'


'Why do you cower, Uther? Lady Igraine would see disgust in your grovel..

you seek union with another mans wife yet still you hide!

'The Archer looked from Gorlois to his fellow Assassin 'Is this just?..

Gorlois has done no wrong..his only aim to to protect his Bride!'

'Keep your mind centered on the task in hand...

King has issued his orders and so we obay!

''What kind of motive is that to end the life of a man.....

i pray, for his reasons, the King lives to rue this day!'

Turning back to his quarry the Assassin aimed his bow

begging forgiveness and praying he'd miss he let loose the

missile sought its victim, struck and felled him from his horse

'Be at peace, sire. Let the living suffer Uthers Tyrannical abuse'