Thursday, 25 December 2008

In the Midst of Legend : Igrayne's Weeping

by Ian Grigor

Gorlois' failure to return confirmed the Duke could no longer live
smiling to himself Uther eased himself from Igraines sleeping clutch
with sunrise approaching Uther took care to dress silently
kissing her gently he wondered if she could ever love his caressing touch

Morgana fought the urge to scream as the stranger left the room
for deceit had been the knife in her fathers back this passed night
looking across ti her Mother Morganas heart broke, Igraine was love blind
for Magic was the shroud of Darkness to those without the sight


The abrupt knock on the bedroom door startled Igraine...
placing her youngest daughter back in the crib she called 'Yes!'
the door opened to reveal Cenmin, his armour stained and dented
shaking her head she stated 'If Gorlois looks as bad as you it will not impress!'

Those words of Igraines made Cenmins task so much harder
looking uneasy he said 'My had better follow me...'
the ice cold fingers of alarm crept up Igraines spine 'What has happened?'
'My Lady...'said Cenmin ' were a had best come and see!'


Igraine ran to and knelt by her dead husbands side
tears flowing she gripped Gorlois' hand 'When did he die?'
Gorlois had been like a brother to Cenmim 'Just after nightfall, My Lady'
Igraine turned on Cenmin sharply 'That is not lie!'

'On my life, My Lady, he was one of the first to fall!'
Igraine shook her head 'Impossible! He was my bed!'
Cenmin closed his eyes and could once more see Gorlois' death
'Believe me, My Lady..i saw it happen...your name was the last he said'

Igraine turned back to Gorlois and tenderly kissed his forehead
laying her head on his blood stained chest she whispered 'Things are so unclear...
whose arms were i in last night, my love, if they were not yours...'
Morgana rested her head next to Igraines ' Magic blinded you Mother...father was not here'

Cenmin stepped forward and placed his hand on Igraines shoulder
'My Lady, we have preparations to make. We must send out word...
..telling of the Dukes death must be sent out, Druids must be summoned'
Igraine continued weeping. She chose these words not to be heard.

Cenmim raised his voice 'My Lady, Hear me, please! We must...'
Igraine stood and placed her hand on his chest 'My heart breaks and reason i lose...
..the heavy curtain of doubt clouds all and is stained by the blood of sorrow
Gorlois, the Father of my children lies dead behind is not what i choose!'

'My Lady Igraine..' spoke Cenmin ' is not my choice either, but it happened..
Gorlois fought for your honour, your name, the innocence of your love..
..i loved the Duke like a Brother, My Lady..i would gladly take his place
but the Gods decided otherwise..his love for you was all..he held nothing above!'

Igraine took Cenmins hand in hers '..and i his love, Cenmin...
..send out word and summon those Druids..will you do me this courtesy?'
Cenmin nodded his head 'I am your loyal servant, My Lady..
..i will summon all who need know..i will lay waste to this travesty.'

'But would that be enough, Young Knight?' it was Morgana who had spoken
Cenmin looked across to Morgana and smiled 'You have an Opinion, child?'
'How you you lay ruin to the fact my Father is dead? He remains so whatever..
your words, however sincere, are hollow. Our grief is not diminished, it remains wild!'

With a brief shadow of contempt on his face Cenmin looked back at Igraine
'Your Daughter speaks wise words, My Lady. Counsel of one twice her age..
could i speculate at the thought of her being an enchanted one?'
'An unfair burden strikes her..' stated Igraine '..she fights pain with rage'