Sunday, 3 February 2008

Literature and Myth

What the priests do not know with their one God and single Truth is, that true history does not, in actuality, exist. The truth has many faces and resembles the old road that leads to Avalon, admittance to which depends both on our proper will and our thoughts ...
Marion Zimmer Bradley

The present article attempts to elucidate theoretical traces of the problematic interrelation between Myth and Literature,and consequently, to direct a new perspective in order to search, analyze and to question for the character of "identity", in the romanesque speech, of King Arthur, the myth .
Ascribe to an understanding between Myth and Literature is to certify for a closed and complex relation, in which it is possible to singularize four aspects that search for define this interrelation, as: the Myth and Literature interrelate to share a narrative structure, in which it encloses the proper narrative, the characters, the images and thematics and; the relation becomes single in similarity and nor in identity; literature can be molded by a history and culture, and consequently, the affinity between mythical and the literary come to develop many aspects of the fiction especially the popular. However, the roots of the myth are the oldest forms of verbal literature, can be lost in pre-history, attributing speculative answers and the interconnection between Myth and Literature presumes a specific history. (Vickery, 1982, p.67)
The relation between Myth and Literature that arises this empiric vision, it is less a single of causes and effects or a generic evolution, whichever distinguish of social functions. Myth and Literature differ where is sacred and in another original sense secular and prophane. The mythical function searches to encourage trully deities, such as, the language of myth expands the context of original logic, problematicize the metaphysical, establishing social or moral thematics. In another hand, the literature use mythological materials as direct source of events and characters which trascribe this relation, moulding the myth to estimulate a original conception.