Sunday, 3 February 2008

Mythical and Literary permanences in King Arthur

The search for an understanding between Myth and Literature is certified by a closed and complex relation, in which it emphasises the symbolic mythical entities significant relation with other concurrent events of the conscience process, where the human thought and the language initiate a euphoric state in which image and entity, the ideal and the real, coexist. It is the intention paper to elucidate theoretical traces of the problematic interrelation between Myth and Literature, in order to search, analyze and to question for the character of "identity", in the romanesque speech, of King Arthur, the myth. This myth that consecrates the facts of the Breton King comes to endorse that, even though centuries have passed, the myth is itself being rewritten and retaken in different scores and translations, and yet it still presents dynamism without losing its main bias towards the spoken word. However, the spoken word corresponds to the myth, a set with the narrative speech, having the ability to rescue it from the past and to bring it to the present, in revisited form, so that it can be analysed and reflected upon. All myth can be established in facts and based on reality, however, it is irrelevant to affirm if in fact a historical King Arthur, as a warlike leader Celts, ever existed, or that he defended Britain from the invasions of Romans and Saxons. However, it is pertinent to confirm that for literature the language is not true nor false, it starts to be one singularity of the truth. If you reinsert the subject in the structure of its parole and significant activities (conscientious and unconscious), and inside of a historical and social context, it is to force a redefinition, not only of the subject, but also of history. Literature starts to exert a double character, bringing myths of intentional way, therefore, is it this that defines the mythical subject called, humanist, universal and time-less subject. Being thus, the Arthurian myth is an amalgam of many different impulses of creativity story, emanating from re-memorable tales of an enigmatic people called Celt .