Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Chivalric Prayer

Chivalric Prayer


God grant me prowess

In all things, that He make me sharp of mind as with skill.

As my preparation for all temptation, be my blade against it.

God grant me courage

That He grant me the heart to accept loss as well as gain.

To face these things cleanly, to know humility from it.

God grant me honesty

That He give me Spirit to keep all oath, be true of heart as well as mind.

To be in honour to others and self, be my salvation against acceptance of weakness of virtue.

God grant me loyalty

That He bless me with the understanding of my station in duty and responsibility.

To honour always my bonds of fealty to those responsibilities, be they of inner or outer source.

God grant me generosity

That He may stay me from accusations to the honour of others and their actions upon me

That I may speak in earnest and give my heart breadth to be of virtue to others as they with me.

God grant me faith

For in this alone lay the foundation to my virtue and honour, may it be granted strength.

So that in times of duress may it be strong in spirit and be my shield.

God grant me courtesy

Through this grace may He give me the kindness to temper honesty that it may not be wroth

In face of trespass done unto me that it may be tempered by largesse to forgive.

God grant me franchise

Through Him grant me nobility of heart that all virtue should rest within me always for all time.

Thus let it be mine armour in time of great test, always worn, and glorious in care.

God grant me chivalry and its virtue

Through Your power and will alone is this granted

Through these do I serve and am replenished.