Friday, 4 July 2008

Major Exhibition of Arthurian Tales

So France is about to become the centre of the Arthurian World when this month Rennes will be the home for a series of events on the legend of King Arthur.

On July the 15th, A major exhibition on Arthurian tales will run for six months and will be called "King Arthur: A Legend in the Making"."The earliest fragments of the tales can be traced back to Wales in the seventh century," Sarah Toulouse, one of the exhibitions curators, told AFP. "But by the 13th century stories based on the Arthurian legends were being told right across Europe." According to Toulouse she said that "King Arthur is a mythical character who was invented at a certain point in history for essentially political reasons". "If he had really existed there would be more concrete historical traces of him."On the Same day as the start of the Exhibition, the International Arthurian Society begins it's 22nd Annual Congress at Rennes University.

The society brings together experts on Arthurian tales from across the world and is open to both Arthurian academics and amateur enthusiasts. Formed in the Breton city of Quimper in 1948, it meets every three years. For more info on the society's history go to:

The Congress was last held in Britain in 2002 when it visited Bangor. I am told that the Congress is well worth attending and runs from the 15th to the 20th of July. For more info go to:

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